Request for Lehigh Lab/LTS Support for Teaching and Learning in Virtual Worlds

A number of Lehigh faculty have expressed interest in making use of Lehigh's Island in Second Life or in learning more about teaching and learning in virtual worlds. If you would like to use part of our island for a class you are teaching or if you would like to request that we build something specific for you and your students, please follow the link below and complete the brief request form below. We will review your request and follow up with you on how we can best work together to ensure that you and your students have the resources you need. If you don’t know how to answer one of the questions, leave it blank; we’ll work together on answers during a follow-up conversation. More information about Lehigh's Second Life project can be found here: Questions? Contact Johanna Brams (8-6134) or Greg Reihman (8-6840)
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