2013 Golden Sunflower Awards

The Golden Sunflower Awards get their name from the Women's Suffrage movement. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony adopted the Sunflower as their campaign's symbol to help pass a suffrage state referendum in Kansas. Gold, the color of the Sunflower, was synonymous with Women's Suffrage for the duration of the Movement. Supporters wore golden pins, golden sashes and golden ribbons while marching for women's rights.
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Award Descriptions

THE EDUCATOR: A member of the Lehigh community that opens the eyes of the students, faculty and staff to important gender related issues through dialogue, presentations, social media sharing, or even informal conversations. WOMEN'S CENTER ALLY: A supporter and/or collaborator of the Women’s Center that goes above and beyond the call of duty to insure that the center’s programs, events and projects exceed expectations and fulfill the needs of the campus as a whole. EXTRAORDINARY ACCEPTANCE: A person or organization that continuously works to foster an inclusive, safe space. This person is a fierce promoter of all types of diversity around campus. FRONTLINE FEMINIST: A feminist activist who consistently challenges the popular perceptions and misconceptions through their actions and work on Lehigh’s campus.

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