2017-18 ELCHS AVID Statement of Intent (returning AVID students only)
This form is for current AVID students.
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Answer the following questions using complete sentences.
What do you have to offer to the AVID program as an active class member? (what are your strengths?) *
What do you think you did well academically this year in school? *
What do you think you need to work on academically in order to be more successful next year? *
Did you struggle with an AVID strategy this year? If so, how do you plan on improving next year? If not, what strategies do you well with? *
What are your academic goals for next year? *
What do you hope to gain from your experience in the AVID program next year? *
How do you think the AVID program has helped you the most this year? *
Statement of Commitment:
I have read and complete the AVID agreement/application and if I am selected to continue in the AVID program, I understand that I will have to meet the program’s requirements. I am acknowledging that I have read the requirements of the program, and I understand that if I do not fulfill the requirements of the program, I will be asked to exit the program.
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This Statement of Intent and the AVID agreement/application must be submitted by May 1, 2017.
**This Statement of Intent is ONLY to be completed by current AVID students seeking to move forward to the next level in the ELCHS AVID program.
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