Berkshire County Education Task Force Aspirations Survey
The Berkshire County Education Task Force is a 30-member group of school committee members, school administrators, educators, business people, city & town officials and others.

The Task Force has been meeting every third Saturday morning for two years to develop and recommend ways to ensure that every child in Berkshire County can have a high quality education.

The Task Force wants to hear from you about your aspirations, hopes and dreams for quality education for the Berkshire County children.

Please take a moment to provide your responses to the below questions. We thank you for taking the time to help during this important effort.

Which city/town do you currently live in?
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What is your role in relation to Berkshire County? (Check all that apply)
What programs, services or attributes are you most pleased with in your school district?
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What 1 or 2 services, programs, or opportunities are the most important for the Task Force to focus on to ensure quality education for Berkshire County children now and in the future? Why?
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What is the most important service, program or opportunity that we have to make sure our children have? Why?
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What is one especially important element of quality education to preserve or develop for Berkshire County children?
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What questions do you have for the Berkshire County Education Task Force (BCETF)?
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