Employment Standard Module
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Feedback survery
This survey was developed to capture your feedback on the AccessForward Employment Standard Module. It will only take a few minutes, and will help us to improve our accessibility resources. If you haven't completed the module yet, please do so here: http://accessforward.ca/front/employment/

All of your answers will remain confidential unless you indicate that they can be shared. Thank you for your participation!
After completing the module, are you more aware of accessibility barriers that exist? *
After completing the module, do you have an increased knowledge of the accessibility standards? *
After completing the module, are you planning to create a more accessible workplace within the next 3 months? *
What is something you or your company has done to improve accessibility in your workplace?
After taking the module, how accessible would you rate your workplace?
Not accessible
Very Accessible
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Do you have any other feedback on the module?
What sector do you currently work in?
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