One term down, three more to go...
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Year level:
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Engineering: Sima's impact
What kind of an impact did Sima make on you this term?
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KidzConference: Leadership impact
How did you 'front up' and make an 'impact' on the KidzConference?
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KidzConference: 2018
Here's what I'd like to see happen at the KidzConference (select as many boxes as you like).
Learn-Now: What's it's point of difference?
What makes Learn-Now worth being part of? What difference is it going to make for you?
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Your job, career or business: What's it's big deal?
What will be the big deal for you, when you have your first job, or first career, or first business? Why do it?
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Voluntary, community service: Would you do it?
Select what describes your thinking about this? Tick as many boxes as you like, that suits you.
Discussions: What's their value?
What's the point of discussion? Any discussion. Whether it's online or face-to-face discussion?
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Your dream job / career / business: What is it?
You'll have many jobs and maybe many careers, or even businesses. What would you like them to be?
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Life beyond Masterton
What would you like to experience as life beyond Masterton?
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Life within Masterton - this year.
We can use the Wainuioru School bus, to go places for Learn-Now. Where should we go...? And what would be the point?
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International Interests
When you think of life outside New Zealand, what interests you (select as many boxes as you like). Their...
Local, National or International?
If you had $100 to give away to support someone else, where you prefer to use it?
Specific Support Preferred
Of that $100, how would you like to see that spent? Click as many boxes as you'd like.
Community 'HAND UP'
Identify all the ways you think this Learn-Now class can support someone in the Masterton community?
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What's the mission?
Our mission in life isn't to make a difference in life, it's to make the world a different place. Describe what the world is like now, and how different it really should be, the time you are about 30 years old...
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Great-great-grandparent 'YOU'
One day, the kids of your grand-kids will have their own kids... They'll talk about you, the great-great-grandparent - which will be you. Type what you hope that 'memory' will be - what sort of person did you become? What did you achieve? How did you make the world a different place etc.?
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