Registrations: KidzConference 2020
Hello from the KidzConference team!
Welcome to the registration process, for the 5th Wairarapa KidzConference: Wednesday 25th March, 2020

* The registration form below is for the administrative 'tracking' purposes for the KidzConference team.
* Registration fees have been set as $50.00 for a day valued at $120.00. This is a faith-based offer, in anticipation that we hope to also receive sponsored support, to cover all that's necessary. $50.00 is the contribution towards what it takes to pull off the base costs. Additional workshop fees may apply - but we guarantee 'free' workshops will be on offer also.

* Workshop bookings will open 1st March 2020.
This when typically, all the presenters (members of the Wairarapa Community) have confirmed their support and have sent through their workshop specs and costs if necessary.

* Please note the following account details for online payments, to lock your registration in. Once you've chosen the workshops from March 1st, we'll manually bill you, according to places still available. Workshop placement will be allocated in order of interest expressed. Waiting lists will be in place as necessary.

Account name: Conferences4Kidz
Account number: 06-0689-0312185-00
Particulars: First name of student / Reference: Surname of student

Many, many thanks!
Team KidzConference (staff and student leaders).
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In order to run this conference really smoothly, we need a team of volunteers to act as 'chaperones', escorting a group of kids (average group size: 12 students) to their workshops. Would you be interested?
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