ACCF Streamflow
Please complete fields below, submitting one form for each streamflow reading. These data will be automatically entered into a GoogleSheet you may then use for analysis.
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Please provide the first and last name of the person entering data, in case there are questions regarding these data.
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Please provide the name of the class or group who collected the data.
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ACCF has two streams: Alder Creek near the south entrance, and Jordan Creek at the NW corner. We are also adding comparison data here from other streams. Select the stream where you collected data.
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At what time and date did you collect these data? (If you have collected multiple readings, complete a new form for each.)
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Please enter streamflow in gallons per minute. If you calculated streamflow via other units, make sure to convert first!
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Feel free to enter any general notes here, e.g., observations of stream characteristics.
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