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After you fill out this order request, you will be contacted about the estimate arrival date of the color's/products you have requested! As soon as the color you have requested is available you will be notified. Once it is available you will want to order as fast as you can to ensure that you get all the products you need.
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Please find your color recommendations here:
If you answered "I don't know my shade" and would like me to personally help color match you, please send me a picture of your face in natural lighting on Facebook Messenger and I can assist you further. *
Paying attention to the undertone of your skin is very important. Here is another chart that talks about the undertones in the products.
What undertone would you say your skin has?
Would you also like to order the Touch Concealer? If yes, what color? (colors are the same as the picture above) Tip: Concealer for under the eyes should be one to two shades lighter then foundation shade. If you are using concealer for blemish control, you will want to pick the same shade.* Write your answer below. *
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Mineral Touch Concealer
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Glorious Face Primer
In this picture, I am using the Glorious Primer, Skin Perfecting Concealer, and the Liquid Touch Foundation!
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