LD NorthWest- P.D. Information and Approval Form
In order to obtain critical information on professional development and to maximize the limited number of substitutes provided to each LD; please use the following form to enter proposed professional development dates and to request the use of substitutes.  Complete one form per professional development date and event.  Any P.D. requiring the use of subs will require an approval from the LD superintendent.  The approval will be based on the information supplied.  P.D. Information must be submitted at least 2 weeks ahead of time, but ideally 30 days prior to the professional development date.  This form must be completed for each P.D. activity and conference attendance event that require the use of a substitute.
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Date of your professional development. *
Does this P.D. require multiple days of attendance? *
If yes, include the dates for the other professional development days in the "brief description" section of this form.  (You  will still be required  to submit a new form for each day.)
Are teachers required to attend this professional development or is it voluntary? *
Grade Level or Department *
Check all that apply.
Total number of professional development participants. *
This number may include those not requiring a sub, such as out of classroom personnel.
Title of Professional Development *
Professional development provider. *
Please identify who will facilitate the learning.  
If contract or outside provider, list the company name.
Please, indicate whether the sub request is due to attendance to a pre-approved conference.
If attending a pre-approved conference, indicate the name of the conference.
How many substitutes are needed? *
Identify each of the categories that best match the District priorities that are being supported by this P.D. *
Priorities identified in MEM-5788.2
Based on the "School-Level Process for Prioritizing Professional Development" criteria, how would you rank the priority for this professional development event? *
1 being lowest priority
Verify your Local District *
School Name *
If this form is being completed by the LD, please select VARIOUS at the bottom.
Director's Name *
If this form is being completed by the LD, please select VARIOUS at the bottom.
Principal's  and Requesting Party's Email Address *
Please include the principal's e-mail address.  If the P.D. is being offered by the LD, include requesting party's email.  You may enter multiple emails separated by a semi colon, and the Principal's email must be included.
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