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Eat Yourself Well's wellness retreat series, Retreat Yourself Well, is your chance to reclaim your healthy connection to food - REAL food. Over a few days, you'll (deliciously) disconnect from the disordered food culture created by food marketers, and will reconnect with the healthy foods your body recognizes, and truly loves. You'll enjoy deliberate, beautiful, high-energy meals, several of which you'll help create during hands-on events with chefs! You'll hear from experts on self-care, and on creating habits that serve your highest good, learning how vibrant health can be second nature, rather than the constant struggle you may be feeling now. And you'll go home with a tasty to-do plan for sustaining your changes as you re-enter your busy "real world."
What, if anything, appeals to you about this description?
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Based on this description, how much would you expect a 3-day, Friday - Sunday retreat to cost? Please assume that all meals, services and lodging are included in the price.
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