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LMCS Kitchen Use Procedures

1. The kitchen is to be left as you found it.

2. Garbage must be bagged and taken out to the dumpster behind the school.

3. Floors are to be swept and mopped.

4. Counters, table tops, sinks, stove, etc. are to be cleaned & sanitized after use.

5. All dirty laundry is to be placed in the black basketball next to the washer in the backroom.

6. The dishwasher is NOT to be used.

7. Mop buckets are to be emptied in the mop sink next to the washer, and mops are to be hung up. DO NOT EMPTY THE DIRTY WATER IN THE SINKS

8. Bring and use your own serving gloves, tin foil, saran wrap, napkins, etc.

9. Ice machine is NOT to be used. If ice is needed it is available in the concession stand.

$50.00 deposit is required to be left in the Central Office.

A copy of these Kitchen Use guidelines may be requested in the central office.

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