Merit Scholarship Application
Welcome to the Ladies Learning Code (LLC) Victoria - Merit Scholarship Application. LLC Victoria is privileged to be partnering with the following companies to offer scholarships up to $1000 to women who would like to pursue their education in coding or in computer science skills.

- Metalab
- How Creative
- Stocksy United
- Lighthouse Labs
- Fast Enterprises

To qualify, you must have:
1. Attended an LLC Victoria workshop as a learner, mentor, and/or volunteer.
2. Been accepted into a development or computer science program/course (in which classes have not started yet).
3. Engaged with LLC (HQ) and with the LLC Victoria Community, by liking the LLC Victoria FB page, following LLC on Twitter, attended LLC Meetups when possible, and receiving our email newsletter of local events and announcements, etc.

We accept all applications on a first-come, first-serve basis, and will assess merit and make scholarship allocation decisions on a rolling basis, typically 4 times per year. Policies or procedures may change regarding the qualifications required and/or application process, and will be updated here.

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What do you plan to do with the education you receive from this course?
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The scholarship is not based on need, but we'd like to know more about you! If you were to receive the funds you have requested, what would that make available for you?
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Thank you to our sponsors!
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