Teacher of the Month Nomination Form
Please review the criteria associated with the nomination and selection of the Lampeter-Strasburg High School Teacher-of-the-Month included on the link below. Review and respond to the questions below to support your nomination for the teacher (Nominee) indicated. If you are unable to answer a particular question or provide a comment based upon your specific role as teacher, paraprofessional, parent, student, etc., simply leave the response area blank.

Nomination criteria: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18nfGlhrIb0qHvlkGSNr_oM41SpgKHcHoS7tgfsGaf6Y/edit?ts=5831bf23

Your name: *
Role/Position: *
Nominee: *
Please describe the attributes, activities, and initiatives instituted by the nominee that go beyond the expected functions traditionally associated with his/her position.
Describe and explain the nominee’s use of instructional technology or an innovative instructional practice in the classroom, and comment about the impact on student learning and engagement.
Provide your knowledge or understanding of the nominee’s involvement in curricular, extracurricular, and/or co-curricular school events, activities, and/or contests.
Give an example to support the nominee’s ability to communicate an idea, message, initiative, or strategy with school stakeholders clearly, professionally, and accurately.
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