Pink sways with known outcomes
Even if you got an opposite, please let us know how you swayed to help others
Name/Alias *
Your answer
Gender resulted *
If you have multiples and at least 1 is a girl, please choose girl.
Paid for personalised plan *
Purchased the gender dreaming custom swaying plan
Rate your sway *
5 = strong with lots of factors and very strict, 1 = lite sway with few lifestyle changes
Multiples? *
No = singleton pregnancy, Yes = twins or more
If more than one diet (i.e. vegetarian followed by LE), select the diet during the conception cycle
Weeks on diet
Cycles TTC
1 = conceived first cycle. Enter 12 for a year or more
Skipping breakfast
Did you skip breakfast every day?
If you drank alchol, what kind? Please choose "Other" if you drank a combination of different types.
How much alcohol?
A little = 1-3 drinks/week or less, Some = 3-7 drinks a week, Lots = more than 7 drinks a week
A little= 1 cup of coffee/day (or similar amount) or less, Some= 2-4 cups of coffee/day or equivalent, Lots = more than equivalent of 4 cups of coffe/day
Sugar (from both natural and added sugars)
A little = Less than 3tsp/12.5g, Some= 3-8tsp/12.5g-33g, Lots= more than 8tsp/33g
A little = 125 mg (1 Diet Coke) or less, Some = 125mg-375mg, Lots = more than 375mg
Such as cardio, several times a week
Type of Exercise
Exercise days per week
Exercise - Time
The average length of time you exercised for each session, in minutes
Exercise weeks before conception
Have you been diagnosed with/believe you have PCOS?
Swaying with/after taking birth control pills for swaying purposes
Prenatal vitamins
Did you take a multi-vitamin or pre-natal while TTC?
Clomid amount
in mg
Soya isoflavones
Soya isoflavones amount
in mg
Clomid/Soya days taken
Saw palmetto
Fibre supplement
Peppermint/Spearmint Tea
Lemon/vinegar douche
Including lime douches/"splime"
Including preseed/KY//other lubes
Liqourice root for DH
Cranberry/aspirin for DH
Cal+mag for DH
Olive leaf for DH
Cut off days
Select "at ovulation" if you know exactly when ovulation was and BDed that day or for 1 day after a positive OPK.
Frequency (FR, FBD, CFR, abstain)
Select "Other" for abstain less than 7 days, BDing every other day/SMEP, abstain followed by Frequent BD, etc
Number of attempts
Jump and dump
Did you have one for your successful attempt?
Ions (anything ion related - lavendar/nail polish/USB dongle, etc)
New moon
Chinese gender calendar
Old wives tales (i.e. girls clothes under bed)
Fertility charm/spell
First cycle after MC
BFing at the time of conception?
At the time of conception (and in 2ww) did you mostly sleep on your left side? Not on the left side of the bed, but laying on your side facing the left. Not a swaying concept at the moment, but a hunch of mine.
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