S'MORE Party
What is a S'MORE Party? A great way to introduce your friends to camp.
You can do this at your home, your school, the local park, your community club, or church. Below are suggestions for activities!
Ideas for talking about Kuriakos with people who haven't been before.
Telling stories is powerful. Here are some ideas to get you started.
It's ok to say it's a Bible Camp!
Many families unfamiliar with Kuriakos may ask about the faith teaching at Kuriakos. Even for families very familiar with the Christian faith, attending a new camp can feel risky. Here are some suggestions for introducing how we follow Jesus at Kuriakos.
Some other helpful things to have on hand...
Baked SMORE recipe
Game Ideas for your party!
google instructions or just make it up!
After your S'MORE Party!
Let us know what you did and how it went.
Please fill in this form by checking the boxes beside activities or things you did in the lists above. We'd love to hear how it went and what other ideas you came up with in the box below.

If any of your NEW friends signed up for camp, don't forget to let us know so we can give you the Bring-A-Friend discount. It applies, even if they chose a different program to attend than you did.
You can tell us who signed up because of your SHOUT OUTs at http://www.kuriakos.ab.ca/#/welcome/shout-out-team

My S'MORE PARTY... Tell us how it went overall below.
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