Vendor Registration Form

Each vendor or service provider that wishes to participate in the VoIP Information Day at KSSB must complete and submit this form. The event will take place on July 10, 2012 in Kansas City, Kansas. There will be limited space, so please do NOT plan to bring more than one colleague or guest without first getting permission from the event coordinator. Exact times will be announced once presenters are selected. All presentations MUST include estimated costs for budget planning purposes. The estimates should be based on approximately 100 handsets and 10 concurrent call paths. Presentations must NOT include confidential or protected proprietary information as several competing vendors will be present. Presentations will be restricted to 30 minutes. The presentation space will have a projector and Windows 7 laptop available for use. If you need to use your own presentation equipment, please inform the event coordinator. Registrant's will be contacted by the event coordinator regarding presentations for manufacturers and/or services offered.
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