KRUI.FM Editor-in-Chief

The KRUI.FM Editor-in-Chief is responsible for continual oversight, maintenance, and content generation on KRUI.FM. Duties and Responsibilities 1) Acts as a copy-editor for all website content. 2) Creates a staff to oversee the website and communicate with other KRUI departments, particularly in the areas of Music, News and Sports. 3) Recommends updates to the existing website for the Technology staff, and creates a list of feature priorities in conjunction with the Technology/Training Director. 4) Recruits KRUI reporters and photographers to conduct coverage of local events, and organizes coverage of these events. 5) Generates website story ideas in weekly meetings with website staff, and distributes these stories amongst staff in a fair manner. 6) Develops content formatting standards for KRUI.FM, ensures that all website content is high quality and standardized across departments and sections of the website, and advises website staff and other content editors on website standards. 7) Leads collaborations with other student organizations to promote their programming/events through KRUI.FM, and organizes advertising efforts on KRUI.FM in conjunction with the Underwriting Director. 8) Attends weekly Directing Staff meetings. The KRUI.FM Editor-in-Chief is required to fulfill 10 office hours per week
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