KOYU45: VAR5038 Syllabus Autumn 2014
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VAR5038 Vernacular Architecture in Kurdistan Syllabus TextbookCourse Work
116/10/2014An introduction to the course, an overview of the aim and objectives as well as exploring the method of the course. We are creating class groups.We introduce ourselves, create an understanding about the course and our shared platform for communication on this course. Student need to active in class note taking. Watch the videos and get familiar with vocabulary and ideas of Vernacular ArchitectureAll textbook are shared on this lecture
223/10/2014Vernacular Architecture Views and Concepts, Why it is importantWatch couple videos and to build up an understanding of VAR and its important in creating characteristic Kurdish design and build Kurdish!Videos and Lecture Notes
329/10/2014Climatic factorsLooking into the climate factor in forming Vernacular Architecture, and watch some videos. Handout placed on class website
405/11/2014Site factorsVernacular architecture could be classified as a basic sustainable architecture since it is in harmony with nature, and other characteristics of it is site.Handout placed on class website
512/11/2014Vernacular Architecture, data collections on sites How do we collect data from a Vernacular Architecture site? What is important? Preparation for a possible site visit.Videos, Handout placed on class websiteAssignment #1
619/11/2014Material and Socio-cultural factorsWe are looking into the role of the site sustainability and local material use in Vernacular Architecture. Is there any social factors in shaping our building out in Kurdish landscape?Class handout
726/11/2014Class presentation for Assignment OneStudents will presents their assignment and hand in their report in the class. Will be shared with everyone
803/12/2014Sustainable Architecture without ArchitectTaken examples in Kurdistan and around the world, old and new ideas of building simply in line with nature, what considered to be Sustainable in VAR and why.Presentation of GA #1
910/12/2014Examples in Iraq and IranCharacteristics of VAR in some examples in neighbouring countries, such as Ira and Iraq, This is completed by students' presentation materials
1017/12/2014Cultures and Building habitA lecture on Culture and Communities with their building habit, by Dr Kawa Dastoorah
1124/12/2014Extra session before examination if neededTo cover an overall view of the course and revise what have been learned
25/12/2014New Year
03/01/2015New Year
07/01/2015Examination Period for FENG, The exam for VAR5038 will be on 8th of Jan 2014, please see http://feng.koyauniversity.org for further details
14/01/2015Examination Period for FENG
10/06/2014Final ExaminationThis examination will cover all activities that we have done in the class up to 10th of May 2014. Lectures on the Textbook and presentations as well as student reports.N/A