Lean Sales process maturity assessment
This questionnaire helps sales leaders and organisations to perform self-assessment of the maturity of their sales process and sales operations.

Please answer the following 5 questions to assess the maturity of your sales process.

1. Is there a standard sales process in your organisation? *
No, we do not have a formal sales process
There is a formal and documented sales process and all of our sales people follow the process
2. Is the standard sales process effective and efficient? *
We are not sure.
Yes, we have benchmarked our sales process with others and believe it is efficient. Our sales process is predictable.
3. Is the planning and scheduling method effective? *
No / unsure. We allow Sales People to select the customers and opportunities by themselves and we only track the outcome on monthly / quarterly basis.
Yes. We are manage the process on daily basis and make No Go decisions routinely.
4. Is the sales process measured? *
No, we do not measure the process itself. We only look at the outcome of sales process.
Yes, we measure both the outcome as well as how well the process itself is working.
5. Is the measurement data used for continuous improvement? *
No. Our improvement approach is based on gut feeling and ad hoc decisions.
Yes. We share the measurement data with the whole sales organisation and do continuous improvement systematically based on the data.
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