Route Planning Improvements
The routes we suggest when you plan a Tour on komoot are generally the best possible routing for the selected sport. You're planning a Tour and think that another route is better suited to your needs than the one we suggest? Feel free to send us your examples here, and help us improve our planning.


You wish to use the existing bike path. The path is however not used in the suggested route.

There's a direct connection between points A and B, which is not used in the suggested routing.

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Example: I wanted to plan my route across the National Cycle Route 8, but the existing bike path wasn't taken.
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Routing komoot *
Only plan the part of the Tour where the routing veers from your intended planning. Make sure you use the correct sport type before you start planning. Copy the link you see in your browser's address bar, and paste it here (See screenshot).
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Plan your track the way you'd like it to lead you, then copy/paste the planning link as described above.
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Please note: your feedback is handled automatically, we will not send you a direct reply. In case we have additional questions, we'll contact you via email.
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