2016 US History 7 Syllabus
United States History 7 is the study of people, issues and events of significance to this nation from 1800 to the current era of globalization. Although we will focus on the history of our country, we will also place emphasis on citizenship and government. The interdisciplinary “studies” approach is further enhanced with important economics and geography content.

One of the most enjoyable experiences of being in our US History class is participating in it. Participation is defined as being fully engaged in the class intellectually, physically, and emotionally. This means coming to class prepared and willing to contribute to our class and group discussions and projects as well as individual work. This does not mean that you have to speak on every question or every minute. Rather, it means being a thoughtful, informed, and respectful participant and contributor, both as a listener and as a speaker. There are diverse skills, knowledge, and talents that each of us brings to our work. In the spirit of mutual benefit and enjoyment, you are asked and expected to share the best of what you have to give.

Most days you will have a reading/guided reading assignment to be completed either in class or before the start of the next class. You are expected to come to class with having these assignment complete. The majority of assignments are posted on my website and there is a link to the online textbook.

There will be a test approximately for every chapter in the textbook that we cover. Tests may be composed of objective, short answer, identification, and essay questions. Quizzes will also be assigned either as an announced quiz or as an unannounced pop-quiz.

Daily homework assignments are due at the beginning of class.

It is your responsibility to schedule a make-up test, resulting from an excused absence, to be taken upon your return. Assignments that are late due to an excused absence can be handed in upon returning to school. Late assignments will be penalized points for the days missed. After the summative test is taken for that chapter, the most points that can be earned are 50% of the total.

It is our understanding and agreement that all work is to be uniquely yours and not the result of cheating and plagiarism. Please see the Student Handbook for School Policies. Such practices, for any part of an assignment, large or small, shall not be tolerated and will result in a grade of zero; notifying the school administration, and a phone call to your parents.

Assignment scores are added as raw numbers, and grades are determined using the following percentages:
Test and Quizzes: 70%; Homework & Projects: 30%.
For each grading period the points will be averaged to calculate a percentage, equal to the following grades:
Grades: A (90%-100%), B (80%-89%) ,C (70%-79%), D (60%-69%), F (0-59%)

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