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Twitris v2. Actionable Rescue Stream & Map [beta version]

  1. Monitor the streams of Need-to-rescue (RED) & Evacuated/Rescued (GREEN)
  1. If you notice important tweet, click ‘tweet-button’ to send out message
  2. In the message box, edit your message as needed to redirect SOS
  1. Monitor any pins in the JK area of the map, then click on the pin to see message, and also click ‘tweet-button’ to send out message as needed

Twitris v1. Influential User Analyzer [beta version]:

  1. Check the list of important people by need types, in the left widget:
  1. Click on a need type (e.g., Clothing, Relief Donations Help)
  2. Click on a user’s Twitter handle to see profile, important tweets, & tweet-button
  1. Check the most connected user in the network: click on it to see user profile