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Answer these short questions to test your knowledge of Killina. Have you been listening tonight?
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Who is the Principal of Killina? *
When was Killina made co-educational? *
What Order of Nuns set up the school here at Killina? *
Hint: the name is in the school's full title.
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List five core subjects here at Killina for 1st Years. *
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There's a book rental scheme here at Killina. *
What are the rules about chewing gum here at Killina? *
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What time does school start?. *
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Which country did the third years visit this year? *
Hint: Mesut Özil and Angela Merkel are from this country.
Which language is NOT offered in Killina? *
Which Colleges have students from Killina NOT gone on to attend? *
What pantomime was put on in the school this year? *
Which sport is NOT offered in Killina? *
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