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About Trailblazers:
Trailblazers Program: LSPR Startup Incubator is the incubator initiated by LSPR Creativepreneur Academy & KIBAR to drive LSPR students creating tech solution business by utilizing creativity & communication area to strengthen their position as role model in Communication science development and implementation in Indonesia.

About Hacksprint:

Hacksprint is a structured method to build products with no fuss. Starts with defining a set of specific problems need to be solved, go on a 2-day collaborative race through a set of definite tracks, and finished with innovative output.

Here, we will build a problem-solving, cool, and innovative products, to collaboratively push the limits of technology as we know it today. Hacksprint is the ultimate innovative proving ground for new ideas for you who want to be fastest.

We don’t do marathon, we do sprint!

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