Community Controlled Food Initiative EBT/SNAP Sign-Up
Thank you for supporting our community food program!! We are so excited to serve you fresh local produce!

For EACH month you would like to buy a CCFI food share using your SNAP/EBT card, sign-up below to place your order.

We will charge your SNAP/EBT card at the time of food pickup, which is always the Second Saturday of the month from 3-5pm at Kheprw Institute (3549 Boulevard Place, Indianapolis, IN 46208). You will need to pay with your card to make use of the SNAP/EBT price level.

Join us at 3pm every Second Saturday for the Good Food Feast! This free event includes a cooking demonstration, community potluck, and building community around good food.

We are currently limited to 10 SNAP/EBT food shares per month, with one SNAP/EBT food share available per person.

The cost of the food is $15. Our program is supported by Fresh Bucks Indy, which covers half of the cost of fresh produce for SNAP/EBT users, so you will pay only $7.50 on your SNAP/EBT card. When ordering a SNAP/EBT food share you must pay with your SNAP/EBT card at the time of food pickup.

Note: we no longer make phone calls to confirm your purchases. Once you fill out this form, it is submitted as an order and your food will be ready and your payment will be due on the Second Saturday. /// 317-329-4803 ext 703 ///

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I understand that by clicking submit I am placing an order for a CCFI food share bag and I will be there on the Second Saturday of this month from 3-5pm at the Kheprw Institute (3549 Boulevard Pl.) to pay $7.50 with my SNAP/EBT card and pick up my food. *
I understand that if I submit this form after the First Saturday of the month, I am placing an order for NEXT month, as the order deadline is always the First Saturday of the month.
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