Cafeteria Survey
The Lunches at Keystone Schools are broken down into age groups with daily average limits for calories and sodium (condiments included)

Sodium Calories
K-5= 1230 or less 550-650
6-8= 1360 or less 600-700
9-12= 1420 or less 750-850

The lunches consist of 5 components for a healthy meal. Students must choose at least 3 components with one of the those items being 1/2 cup of either fruit or vegetable. All of our bread/breading must be 100% whole grains. These requirements are regulated by the USDA

1) What school does your student(s) attend?
2) For parents who pack lunches, please provide feedback on why you pack lunch instead of purchasing hot lunches from the school.
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3) What items would you like to see added to our lunch menu?
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4) What items would you like to see removed?
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5) What fruits and/or vegetables would you like added to the choices?
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