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Upon approval of this form, the Affiliate shall receive an Evaluenote logo, which is to be placed prominently on the Affiliate's website. Affiliate shall promote Evaluenote to their customers through emails, webinars, social media, etc. For any of the Affiliate's users who clicks on the Evaluenote logo on the affiliate's website and registers to become a client of Evaluenote, the Affiliate will receive an agreed upon percentage from that user's income. The Affiliate will be paid on a quarterly basis and will be provided with all commission documentation. If there are to be any credits due to the client, the accounting will be adjusted the following quarter. Should the Affiliate or Evaluenote wish to terminate their relationship for any reason, the party who wishes to terminate must provide the other party a termination letter in writing and give the other party a 30 day notice. Upon the termination final date, Evaluenote will make their final commission distribution on the next quarter date in which Evaluenote will make no more distributions to the Affiliate.
Affiliate Compensation on Monthly, Semi-Yearly or Yearly Fees:
After the first quarter, Affiliate will receive two months payment as final compensation. For instance, if the client signed up for a monthly fee charge of $39.95, then at the beginning of the second quarter, the Affiliate would receive a check for $79.80 as final compensation for that client.

Affiliate Compensation on "Pay-As-You-Go" Fees:
After the first $40 has been paid to Evaluenote, the Affiliate will receive 20% of all revenue generated by their client as long as the client is active with Evaluenote.

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