Kenyon College Campus: Public Art Proposal Form
The Public Art Committee at Kenyon College is responsible for reviewing proposals to display artwork in public locations on campus. The Committee uses this as a teaching opportunity to encourage individuals to consider the logistics, proper professional display, and signage for their art or exhibitions.

Submit this form at least 2 weeks before your planned start-date. In addition, a PDF sketch of your proposed public art installation should be sent to Thomas Stamp, College Historian and Keeper of Kenyoniana (

The Public Art Committee will provide feedback to students, faculty and staff. Your project must be approved by the Committee before any promotion or installation can proceed.
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All public art projects require the support and guidance of a Kenyon College faculty or staff member. The person selected can be a course instructor, club advisor, activity leader or coach. They must approve your plan before you submit this form.
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To ensure that the concerns of the larger campus community are addressed, all public art projects require a full description and explanation of project goals.
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Location and Site Impact of Project: (please state the exact location of your project and how the placement might impact walls, grass, trees, paths, or physical access) *
Installation Start and End Date/Time: (please provide the specific dates and times needed to install your project) *
Exhibition Start and End Date/Time: (please provide the specific exhibition dates and times for your project) *
De-installation Start and End Date/Time: (please provide the specific dates and times needed to de-install your project) *
Installing artwork in public spaces impacts the Kenyon College community. You must have permission from the site manager of the location you wish to mount your installation before approval can be granted.
Name and Contact Information of the Site Manager: (please provide the name and contact information of the site manager for the location you intend to display your project) *
Site Approval: (please indicate if you have received approval from the site manager indicated above) *
Installing artwork in public spaces presents challenges to public access and safety. You must have permission and approval from maintenance to verify that all concerns are addressed.
Name of Maintenance Contact: (please provide the name and contact information of your maintenance contact) *
Maintenance Approval: (please indicate if you have received approval from the head of maintenance) *
In order for your public art proposal to be considered you must agree to abide by the goals and plans stated above.
By submitting this form, I/We promise to adhere to all stated goals and plans. I/We will exercise caution in mounting, maintaining and removing the installation on the dates specified. Failure to adhere to stated goals and plans can result in the removal of your installation. *
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