What would you like EGO to be/do?
Your EGO board members have been discussing the future of EGO, because we feel like this is a moment when "what EGO is/does" might change to better serve you. We appreciate your time in taking this brief survey that will hopefully tell us what you think your English Graduate Organization is doing well and what we could be doing better. We want to know how to encourage your active participation and how to get good work done on behalf of all English graduate students at UofL.

This survey is 5 questions, and your responses are both appreciated and anonymous.

How important do you think each of these past EGO annual activities is/has been? *
Not at all Important
Somewhat Important
Very Important
Annual August Welcome Back Event
Halloween Party
Winter/Holiday Charity Drive
Annual Spring Book Sale
Informal roundtable student discussions (e.g., on exams, CPs)
EGO weekly email blasts (e.g., CFPs, campus events)
EGO blog posts (e.g., faculty "What I Wish I'd Known," student "What I'm Working on"
Other EGO workshops (e.g., CVs, networking)
How interested would you be in the following EGO opportunities for the future? (Please keep your actual schedules/lives in mind, for things you would actually be able to participate in.) *
Not Interested
Might be Interested
Very Interested
Monthly informal gatherings ON campus (e.g., to connect, share, talk)
Monthly informal gatherings OFF campus (e.g., to connect, share, talk)
Deeper relationships with community organization (i.e., beyond a charity drive)
Deeper relationships with campus organizations (e.g., Braden Institute)
Making graduate student advocacy a priority
What do you wish were a priority for EGO as an organization that represents graduate students in our program? *
Your answer
What kinds of activities, priorities, or committees might you like to actively participate in? *
Your answer
As we are imagining what EGO could do and be for you, what other comments would you like to share?
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