KSD Computer Presentation Info
If you are planning to give a multimedia presentation at KSD, providing as much information as possible will help us to make sure your technology setup goes smoothly. Please answer as much of the survey below as possible.
First and Last Name
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Email Address
School/Work or Personal Email is acceptable. (for KSD Employee personal devices)
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Current Assignment/Role
Please indicate your agency, department, or company
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Date of presentations
Please indicate the day(s) you will be on site to give presentation(s)
KSD391 Point of Contact (if applicable)
Please indicate who your primary point of contact is from KSD391, in case we need more info.
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Location of presentations
Please indicate where you will be presenting: (ie. District Office, KMS Library, PES Conference room)
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What type of device will be your primary presentation tool?
KSD has primarily HDMI connections for A/V projection. What type of video output do you plan on using to project?
Will you require Internet access (WiFi) for your presentation?
If you answered YES for Internet access, please provide the MAC (hardware) address of your device wireless adapter on your device(s).
We need this to allow your device to connect to our WiFi network. Failure to provide this, may result in delayed service times and increased technical setup when you are on site.
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If you require/Need Internet access, please list as many of the domains/URLS you will need to access. (for content filter reasons)
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In addition to the email specified, is there an alternative way to contact you?
Phone number, Mobile Number, etc.
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