Questionnaire for New/Returning Parents
Name of the Student
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Admission For ?
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Parent's Contact No
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1.About Your Family
2.Rented House/ On Lease/Own House
3.Does you belong four wheeler
4.Both Parents Employed
5.Your Monthly Income
6. Tick your assets:
7.Do you have a mail ID? ( Please share your ID)
Your answer
Do you access Facebook or other social network?
9.How do you mostly spend your weekend holidays?
10.Where do you take your family for outings?
11.Any Organisation that you belong to or inclined towards?
12.Do you attend any Islamic Lectures or Workshops?
13.Do you listen to or watch Islamic lectures online?
If yes mention the names of a few speakers that you have listened to
14.What are your work timings?
15.Does your child/ Do your children attend outside tuition classes?
16.Have you arranged for Home Tuition's for your child/children?
17.How much time does your child spend on his /her home assignments or reading tasks?
18.Who assists the children in homework?
19.How much time does your child spend in watching television?
20.Who is your child very attached to?
21.Who is the child afraid of? Why?
22.Do you pray five times daily?
23.Do you recite the Quran?
24.Have you read Islamic books?
If yes, please mention the books read
25.Are you involved in any Islamic activities?
IF yes, mention below.
26.Do you visit Dargahs?
If yes Please mention names
27.Do you (father) wear bracelets or chains?
28.Do you celebrate birthdays?
If yes, Why
29.Do you celebrate Milad un Nabi / Muharram/ 15th of Shaabaan?
30.Do you think wearing amulets ,stone studded rings etc will ward off evil eye?
31.In Which language do you like to attend programmes at school
32.In what ways will you co-operate with the school management?
33.Do you practice hijab (wear burkha)? [Applicable to Mother]
34.Do you always sport a beard? [Applicable to Father]
35.Do you listen to music?
36.Do you watch movies?
37.Do you(father) wear bracelets or chains?
38.Do you have Cable Connection at home?
39.What is your long term goal towards your child?
40.Why have you selected this school?[Tick the relevant remark]
41.What are your expectations from the school?
42.Did both the parents mutually agree to make the child study in this school?
43.Did somebody suggest you to admit your child in this school?
If yes Please mention name
44.How would you rectify your child if he/she goes wrong?
45.Will you be interested to send your child/ward on school picnics?
If no please mention why
46. What unique talent does your child possess?
Your answer
47. What skill do you wish your child to be trained in?
Your answer
48. List some changes that you would like to see in your child?
Your answer
49. What are the leisure activities of your child?
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50. Would you willingly agree with the principles of equality, love and brotherhood, and discipline required, which are vital from the school viewpoint?
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51. Does your child suffer from a disability or ailment where the school has to be cautious in handling him/her?
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52. In case both parents are working, who looks after your child in your absence?
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53. How long do you plan to make your child study in this school?
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54. Who will be the point of contact in the school in the absence of parents?
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55. Give your official contact number for communication ?
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Declaration From Parents:
I will attend all the parents' meetings conducted in the school (80% percentage of attendance is required)
I will not have cable T.V connection in my home
I will spend some time to study Islam daily
I will cooperate with school management in all its activities.
I will follow the instructions and accept the decision of the school for the child in her future development.
I am satisfied with the fee structure provided with this form and I will pay the fees on time.
Signature of the Father:
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Signature of the Mother:
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