Do you want to help develop the new membership platform for food coops?
Project FoodNet is a new open source project to build a technological platform for food coops and other member-run coops.

We start the project with a workshop for all interested developers on Saturday the 11th of April at 14.00. And we hope you'll join us!

We are 16 organic food coops from all over Denmark who have received a grant from the Danish Foundation of Organic Agriculture, and we are collaborating with Socialsquare, a company with a long and proven track record working with open source software development. Socialsquare will lead the development through an agile process with a series of SCRUM sprints through the spring and summer of 2015.
What's the purpose of the platform?
We want the platform to be the members' dashboard for their local food coop. A system that can handle orders and payment, the booking of shifts and the coordinating deliveries from local farmers. This will not only make the existing food coops much more efficient, it will also make it a lot easier for others to start up new food coops where they live.

Many of these functions are equally relevant in other member-run organisations, and we hope that in the longer term, we will be able to develop and adapt the platform to support other projects that revolve a local sharing economy and the coordination of volunteers, such as urban gardens, swap markets, makerspaces and tool libraries.

In this way, the platform will not only be of use for Danish food coops but by local cooperative projects all over the world!
How will the platform be developed?
Our goal is to create a fun, interesting and effective project for all involved. And we hope that a lot of you will be interested in participating in the project as volunteer developers.

To us, "developers" is a very wide term. It doesn't necessarily mean programming the product. It might just as well be contributing by conceptualising and writing the user stories that shape the product, or by helping to write the documentation.

As yet, we're still only in the preliminary phase and have not yet chosen which technology to build the platform on. We want you to be part of that process. But to ensure the long term sustainability of the platform, and the possibility for international collaboration, we have already decided that all development and documentation will be in English.
Join in!
The start-up workshop will take place on Saturday the 11th of April at 14.00 in Copenhagen.

To sign up for the workshop, we would like you to fill out this questionnaire. We've made it to ensure the best possible starting conditions for the project.

It'll take 5-10 minutes to fill out. We know there's quite a few questions. But your answers will help us a lot in understanding where your time and interest in contributing to the project lies, and it will save us all a lot of time later on in the project.

If you have any questions, please write us at
We look forward to getting to know you a little better – and collaborate on this exciting project!

Andreas, Mads og Birgit
- on behalf of the Danish food coops

Martin, Kræn og Christian
- on behalf of Socialsquare
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