Production Theatre Auditions 2019
Please complete this form and submit your video/presentation by May 6th. Incomplete forms and video/presentations will not be selected.

Production class is an audition-based course offered to students who have completed their first year in the MRHS theatre classes.This class is for advanced technical and performance theatre students including only 25 members. Production is an upper-level advanced theatre class catered to students who exhibit a high caliber of performance and dedication to learning the craft of theatre. The focus of this class is to growth through the process of the two main competitive components of Texas high school theatre: Texas Thespians and UIL One Act Play.

Therefore, the students in this class will act as performers, designers, technicians, crew, directors, and choreographers in various aspects of production throughout the course of the year in collaboration with program directors. There is no separation between crew and actors - ALL areas will be explored

Production Audition requirements can be found here:

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I understand that Production Theatre is 7th period. I understand the requirements of Production Class are entries into Texas RenFest, Texas Thespian Festival IE's, and UIL One-Act Play. I commit to the Production Theatre Calendar and will share my conflicts TWO weeks in advance, and understand that my conflict may not be recognized. *
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