Referee Risk Management Request

In order to referee youth soccer games in Kansas, referees must, AFTER they have completed their certification program, complete a background check if they are 18 or older. Anyone younger than 18 does not have to complete this process. If you are an existing referee who has completed a check before please DO NOT use this form! If you do not remember your user name or password for your KSYSA Got Soccer Account, you may request it through the system. To do this a referee must be entered into the Kansas Youth Soccer Association registration system (currently known as Got Soccer) and affiliated with the State account. Please use this form to request your information be entered into the system and a user name and password be set up and forwarded to you. Upon receiving the form, the KSYSA will verify your participation and passage of your most recent certification using the information the Kansas Referee Association supplies to us and then you will receive an email from the Got Soccer/KSYSA system with your login instructions. Once this emai is received you can log into the system and do the following: 1. Verify your name, address and date of birth on the profile page - BE SURE TO USE YOUR LEGALLY GIVEN NAME 2. Save any changes made to profile 3. Click on Background Check in the grey menu bar and follow the prompts. The cost to complete a background check is $20 every two years. Background checks are required on a bi-annual basis for any referee, coach, team manager (18 or older) wishing to participate in youth soccer programming.
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