Cornersville High School Parent Needs Assessment 2017-2018
Dear Parent or Guardian:

We would like to know what you think about the services Cornersville High School has to offer, so we can better structure our program to meet the needs of our students and parents.
Please take a few minutes to help us, by completing and submitting this survey. You do not have to give your name and no identifying data will be recorded. We appreciate your help in this matter. A paper copy will be made available, upon request, at the front office.

Involvement and Learning
1. I receive information on what I can do at home to help my child improve or advance his/her learning. (My child brings home newsletters or other information)
2. My child's teacher meets with me face-to-face at least once a year to talk about how my child is doing. (I attend parent/teacher conferences at least once a year.)
3. I receive information on what my child should learn and be able to do in each grade in school. (I look at the information sent home about what my child is learning.)
4. I understand my child's grades and assessment data.
5. My child's school is very good about staying in touch with me. (e.g. letters, phone calls, emails, agenda, newsletters, social media, website)
6. When I visit or call my child's school, I feel welcomed.
7. If I have a question, comment, or concern about my child, the teacher, principal, or guidance counselor gets back to me in a timely manner.
8. I receive regular updates from the teacher on my child's progress. (e.g. letters, phone calls, emails.)
Leadership and Participation
9. I am invited to attend extra curricular activities/meetings so I can keep abreast about what is going on in the school.
10. I utilize and read the sign, newsletters, school website, and other information to know when events are occurring.
11. There are many different ways I can be involved with the school, either at the school itself, at home or in the community.
12. I can be involved in school improvement planning and decision-making at my child's school through monthly PTC meetings.
13. I am invited to attend and participate in family involvement activities. (e.g. Back to School Nights, Family Movie/Game Night, etc.)
Support Services
14. I am given information about services to support my child's learning and behavior needs and to enhance his/her talents. (tutoring, interventions, after school clubs, chorus, etc.)
Educational Quality
15. My child's teachers adjust their teaching styles to meet the academic needs of my child.
16. I believe my child is challenged by the school's academic curriculum.
17. My child's teachers hold high expectations for my child.
18. My child receives the academic support needed to meet his/her individual goals.
School Climate
19. The school helps my child feel comfortable as he/she moves from one grade to the next.
20. My involvement in my child's education is valued at my school.
21. My child's school is a friendly environment for students, parents and families.
22. My child's school is a safe place to learn.
23. My child's school respects all cultures and diversities.
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