Student Survey (For Teachers)
Students in the classroom feel cared for
My teacher makes me feel that he/she cares about me.
My teacher encourages me to do my best.
My teacher is helpful when I ask questions
Student behavior is managed to enable learning.
Our class stays busy and does not waste time.
My teacher's classroom rules and ways of doing things are fair.
My classmates' misbehavior slows down the learning process.
My classmates and I know what we should be doing and learning.
Students receive support and scaffolding
My teacher checks to make sure we understand what he/she is teaching us.
My teacher explains another way if you don't understand something.
My teacher takes time to summarize what we learn each day.
My teacher helps me when I need it or don't understand something.
My teacher wants us to improve our thinking skills.
My teacher wants me to explain my thinking.
We learn a lot almost every day.
Students are invested in the classroom learning.
My teacher tells us what we are learning and why.
My teacher helps us set goals for our learning and keep track of our progress.
My teacher makes school work interesting.
We get choices in how to complete activities.
My teacher makes me work hard so I learn what I need to know.
My teacher assigns homework that helps me learn.
Students receive descriptive feedback
When my teacher marks my work, he/she writes on my papers to help me understand.
The comments that I get on my work help me understand how to do my work better.
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