Jumia NG - Vendor Brand Creation Request
Please fill in below, your Brand Creation Request for Product Creation on the Jumia Seller Center.


> Brand names must be valid
> Brand must not be replicated i.e do not request for already existing brands
> Brand names cannot be similar with store names eg Store Name - XYZ, Brand Name - XYZ
> Brand names must be spell checked
> Brand names must not include model numbers
> All Brand Creation requests will be treated within 24 working hours.
> Email address provided must be valid.
> You will receive email alerts once at point of request and again once treated or not treated with adequate reason(s)
> Brand names requested for creation can be validated by sending an email to seller.support@jumia.com.ng, attaching an image of the brand name on the label/tag of the item or responding with the brand's official website URL.
> Content Guidelines; https://guidescontentjumiang.wordpress.com
> For Other Product Management Related Requests; https://guidescontentjumiang.wordpress.com/2017/03/02/what-requests-you-can-make-from-the-content-team/
> For more inquiries on the final status of this request, send an email to seller.support@jumia.com.ng or call 01-8881102

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