JPS Online Transportation Request or Change
This document is required for submitting new transportation needs or a change request for AM Pick up (before school) and PM Drop off (after school), including changes to Daycare/Alternate site information.

To be eligible for busing, students must reside within Jenison District or their caregiver is within Jenison District, and they or their caregiver are located outside the walk-zone of their school.

Students who are not riding the bus every week (exception of Junior High and High School students), will not be eligible for busing. Transportation is not provided for short term needs such as half days only, special occasions, etc.

Students must ride the bus 3 days a week or more to receive busing within the 0.25 mile walking distance per district policy. If students ride 1-2 days a week, they will be placed at the nearest group stop available to them. These stops are not guaranteed to be within the 0.25 mile walking distance.

Junior High/High School students can walk up to 0.50 miles to a bus stop.

It is the parent’s responsibility to get their student to and from their designated bus stop safely.

***For the schoool year 2020-2021, requests must be submitted by June 15, 2020. Any requests made after this date will receive busing to/from the closest stop available.
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