How would you spend Lincolnshire Police’s budget in 2017/18?
Neighbourhood policing remains at the heart of the emerging Police and Crime Plan 2017-2021 but there are many growing threats and challenges that your local police service must tackle to keep us all safe. Their ability to do that relies upon many things but having a sustainable budget is key to delivering the service residents and businesses across the county deserve.

Lincolnshire has achieved a grading of ‘good’ in the recent HMIC (Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary) inspection on efficiency. The only area to ‘require improvement’ relates to the overall amount of money the force receives in grant from Central Government and the need for that to be reviewed to maintain the service standard in Lincolnshire. The report makes clear that the force has taken all reasonable steps to use its resources wisely both independently and in its collaborations. The full report can be found here and on page 32 the independent inspectorates comments on the funding issue.

The way that the national funding formula for policing has been set means that even with the maximum 2% increase in council tax precept (for a band A property this is £2.69 per year) the money available to the force remains the same, as the grant from government reduces by that same amount year on year. If there is no council tax increase then the force will reduce its budget by 2% and reduce the service it delivers. The only way additional funding can realistically be obtained to deliver additional service is if the review of the national funding formula, due to take place through 2017, results in Lincolnshire receiving a better settlement from government.

To ensure that the needs of the people of Lincolnshire continue to be met, to see improvements in service and crime reduction as well as to meet the challenge of growing threats such as child sexual exploitation, cyber-crime and human trafficking, we will need to budget carefully. Please consider the following questions and rest assured that your views really do matter to me.

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This survey is aimed at gathering the views of the people of Lincolnshire. *
Q1. Given that Lincolnshire Police is the lowest funded force in the country would you like to see additional funding for Lincolnshire Police to deliver improved services? *
HMIC report on cost of policing per force
Q2. I believe in providing Lincolnshire Police with the ‘right tools for the job’ and investing in equipment will be key to improving outcomes and for supporting front line officers. Please read the following options and with 1 being most important to invest in and 4 being the least please rank the following (select one response per row and column) *
Providing a mix of vehicles so that the police can respond better to rural issues like hare coursing, rural/heritage thefts and winter access to rural areas. This could include 4x4s, quad bikes and trail bikes
Ensuring that the right technology is available to protect the most targeted and vulnerable people online; tools to tackle the massive rise in online child sexual exploitation and cyber-crime for example
Providing Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras for vehicles and for mobile use. These cameras check to see that vehicles are taxed, insured and have an MOT as well as providing information such as if the vehicle owner is wanted by the police. Without these cameras many criminals would not be identified as promptly, if at all, whilst in our county
Providing mobile equipment to keep front line personnel updated, safe and able to stay away from the station for longer. This includes body-worn video camera and mobile devices to record, pass on and receive information (most officers now have these but Specials and PCSOs are currently under way), mobile finger print machines and drug testing kits
Q3. Having ranked how important you think it is to invest in these areas, which of these statements do you agree with most? Please bear in mind that I am aware you may wish other areas to receive investment too. *
Q4. I believe that a police force should be there when you need it. To achieve that what would you rather we spent our limited money on? *
Q5. Currently there is an exciting project underway to turn the police HQ building at Nettleham into a joint Lincolnshire Police and Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue HQ to ensure a closer working relationship, improve service for the people of Lincolnshire and to save money and to share running costs. Do you believe that getting the ‘blue light’ services (police, fire & rescue, ambulance) to work closer together to deliver the best possible service to the public is the right thing to do? *
Any other comments?
If you would like to provide any other comments about this consultation, or anything else of concern or interest to you, please email me at

Thank you for your time and input.

Marc Jones, Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner
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