Riverton Building Use Request Form
This form is to be used to request Calendar Dates, Services, Equipment and Building Use
ALL activities sponsored or supported by Riverton High School must be approved for inclusion on the Master Activity Calendar.  Activities that require technical equipment and/or a technician must be approved by the appropriate Facility Mangers.  GIVE A MINIMUM OF 72 hours in advance preferably a WEEK to get arrangements made.
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Is this activity a Fundraiser? If Yes, review the following guidelines by clicking on the link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2_7BHcIbjKtcGRVNXpVUi1ZcXM/edit?usp=sharing *
Before proceeding with scheduling the facility, a fundraising request must be submitted and approved by Principal Gough.
Is this activity a Camp or Clinic? If Yes, clearance is needed from the AD and request submitted to AD Secretary. *
Before proceeding with scheduling the facility have Camp and Clinic forms and request completed.
Sponsoring Organization *
Coach/Advisor *
Activity Date *
Indicate the DATE of your activity
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Activity End TIme
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Indicate what days of the week your event occurs on.
Supervising Staff Member *
Number Of Students Expected *
Number of Adults Expected *
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Location you are requesting for your activity. *
If your activity will be in a classroom have you spoken with that instructor? *
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