Majestic Proposed Calendar Change 2017-2018
Your child should have brought home information about a proposed calendar change for next year. If
you did not receive this information, you can find it on our school website:

Majestic Elementary is proposing to increase our instructional day by 10 minutes Monday through Thursday (8:40-3:30) in exchange for 8 half days of instruction, with the remainder of the day spent in professional development as a faculty. We are also proposing a calendar adjustment for three sessions of Academic Parent Teacher Teams taking place in November, February, and May, with an additional Compensatory Day added to the calendar for Teachers after our third session in May.

Our PTA and School Community Council have approved these changes, and we are seeking input from all of our families before making a final decision.

Your feedback is important to us. If you have any additional comments, questions, or concerns, please contact our main office at (801) 565-7458.

Thank you,
Todd Theobald,

I support the proposed schedule change to allow teachers time to better support my student’s academic needs. *
I will be able to provide supervision for my child/children on the additional half days. *
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