Joomseller – File Seller 1.0



Why File Seller?

Quick installation guide:

How does it work?

Features of File Seller

  1. Default layout: displaying each product in a line and showing that product’s key information.
  2. Blog layout: displaying products as blog: column, number, intro, heading…
  3. Thumbnail layout: displaying products as thumbnail, price and “Add to cart” button
  4. Table layout: displaying products in a table, with short information about those products.
  1. General Configuration: Setting general configuration for your File Seller system (We created a default configuration when installing, you can change it yourself easily).
  2. Email: Setting emails when customers order products, when they pay successfully for their products… you can use tags like {full_info}, {payment_method}, {order_name},…in email to get dynamic information for email.
  3. Message: Displaying notification when customers pay successfully, or cancel their payment.
  4. Permission & Integration: Mapping between fields on order form and JomSocial or Community Builder and setting permission for users.