JOFA Conference 2017 - Monologues from the Makom
This is a place to submit creative pieces for the JOFA conference's Monologues from the Makom event! The event will take place Saturday night, January 14th at 8pm at The Kraft Center (606 West 115th Street, New York, NY).
To register for the conference, visit

Submissions are due on Wednesday December 28th before midnight, and we will get back to you by no later than Thursday January 5th.

We really encourage submissions exploring any and all topics, issues, and experiences. If you have any questions or want to discuss an idea, please reach out to us at! We would love to speak to you about your ideas and act as a sounding board.

Submissions will remain strictly confidential. If you would like your piece to remain anonymous and have a reader perform it for you at the event, please indicate that below (but also please still leave your name and email so we can get in touch with you!!!).

Thank you for your bravery and trust in deciding to submit/perform! This event could not happen without you!!!

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