Jonathan Levi Speaking Questionnaire
Thank you for the invitation to speak. In order to abide by the rule "Know Your Audience," I ask that you please fill in this form to give me some insight as to whom I will be speaking to. Thank you!
Organization *
Which organization is this for?
Contact person *
Contact info *
Phone and/or email of my contact person
Date and Time *
Fashionably Late / Delays *
Are participants likely to be on time or on “Middle Eastern Time?” Will there likely be some delays?
Location *
How can I find the location, and if applicable, is transportation provided?
Topic Of Discussion
I lecture on various topics; which topic(s) would be applicable to this audience?
Time Allotment *
How much time for lecturing? How much time for questions?
Who's in the Audience? *
Help me understand whom I'm speaking to?
Audience Size *
Approximately how many people am I speaking to?
Format *
Equipment *
What will be available to me
Other lecturers *
How many lecturers are before me and after me? What are they speaking about?
Any other considerations
For example, will there be a need for a translator? Has anyone from the audience heard me speak before? Etc.
Budget *
What is your approximate budget for my talk?
Flights & Accommodation *
Thanks so much for taking the time to “fill me in.” From my experience, having an understanding of the audience will greatly improve the quality and impact of my lecture.

Looking forward to it!
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