Application for Chapter Fundraising Support
We are determined to make sure that cost is not a barrier to attending JVP's National Membership Meeting. To make that happen, we need all hands on deck in your chapter to get your people there!

We've found that joint fundraising between JVP national and JVP chapters is an especially effective way to raise money to support members' travel and housing costs. And can enlarge the circle of resources available!

This application process is designed to help you create an initial budget and fundraising plan, which is the first step of planning your fundraising, recruiting  the people you need, and getting to your goal. We're here to support you.


JVP national is offering support for using 3 key fundraising tools: we will provide chapters access to a peer-to-peer fundraising platform - Causevox -  that members can use to fundraise from their personal networks (think GoFundMe). We will also be working with chapters to send email blasts to the national JVP list to reach donors who live near your chapter. In addition, we will offer training for chapters to raise money at chapter meetings, events, chapter email lists and through offline outreach.

If your chapter raises MORE money than the total cost of NMM travel and registration for your members, we ask that the extra funds go into the general travel fund for members-at-large.


Dec. 28th                              Applications and budget sheet due

Dec. 15th & Jan 5th        Virtual fundraising trainings

Jan. 9th - Feb. 6th             Online fundraising campaigns


1. Application form (complete form at the bottom of this page)
2. Budget sheet (see instructions below to copy and submit)


     1. Go here:

     2. Copy the sheet (File -> "Make a copy...")

    3. Rename, ie "NY Chapter Budget for NMM Fundraising"

     4. Fill in all squares highlighted in YELLOW

     5. Share with (File -> "Share", Under "People" fill in "

If you have questions please email
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