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Gizmowl Genghis Khan White Owl Drone
We have explained in our documents that the only relevant precedent for decisive military victory in Iran was Genghis Khan crossing the Gobi in 1219.

Regardless of your political opinion and the fact that who is good and who is bad is not always black and white...

Would you agree that the Gizmowl Genghis Khan themed white owl drone concept is an effective use of military funds for the current situation?

Also, would you agree that this is an outstanding brand concept for potential sales in the middle east and something that could win hearts and minds and also make for great non-weaponized products (such as home delivery drones, Jetsons style pets etc...)?

Is something like this is a great offset to Russia & China being that it is based on the precedent of Genghis Khan and that Mongolia is in between the two regional powers?

We would like to use your opinion for our investment documents.

Please voice your support and comments below.
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Please link to a picture of you we can use (either from facebook, linkedin etc...) Also please provide your full name, any relevant information such as experience and a link to any social media profile if you want to show your support.
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Please add your full name and any relevant work history or information.
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Do you think the public is capable of understanding the concept of precedent based military strategy? (Or should it all be left to the experts or only people who went to military school).
Proprietary White Fire Miracle Battery - Potential Applications for Consumer Auto and Aviation With Extremely Low Levels of Radiation.
Would you be interested in a nice black t-shirt with the Gizmowl logo brand on front and the white fire battery emblem on back to support this alternative product?
If you answered yes, how much would you spend on a t-shirt?
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We invite you to collaborate if you are in a relevant field. There are many peaceful intended uses for Gizmowl including surveying land for pinpointing resources (decreasing environmental impact) and scouting safe base camps for lunar missions. Please add your email so we can notify you of news on this slightly controversial project. We appreciate any forwards of press releases to relevant participators or buyers.
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