Athletic Survey-STUDENTS
Please complete the survey after the season is over
School *
Sport *
While involved in this sport, my study habits and grades improved *
My participation in this sport enhanced my ability to get along with others. *
My skills as an athlete have improved over the year. *
My coach helped me create realistic goals and time lines for my development *
My coach believed in me and was confident that I would succeed *
My coach demonstrated professionalism. *
I respect my coach. *
My coach always met commitments regardless of the situation. *
My coach created a safe and secure environment. *
My coach set clear expectations for how we would interact with others. *
My coach modeled behavior that I want to develop. *
My coach stood for clear principles and was not afraid to be seen doing so. *
My coach focused on successes rather than on my failings. *
My coach was available for scheduled meetings and was accessible *
Coaching interactions and feedback were valuable to my performance and development. *
The coach acknowledged my efforts *
My coach encouraged me and told the truth in an appropriate manner *
My coach adapted the coaching style and interaction to my individual differences. *
My coach made an effort to understand how I personally felt about my situation. *
My coach always treated me with respect and dignity. *
My coach refrains from talking down to me or making me feel stupid or inadequate. *
My coach helped me relate my personal goals to team goals. *
Coaching had a direct effect on my ability to perform. *
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