Student Planner Survey 2017
Students please take a few minutes to answer the following questions based upon your use of School Purchased Calendars.
What academic grade level are you?
How often do you use a planner for your organizational purposes.
Not very often - just to take a few notes
All the time - I can't do my job with out it.
How comfortable are you using a Google Calendar?
Not very - I know how to pull it up is all
I'm an expert. I have all of my calendars sink to my phone and computers.
Which do you prefer to organize your planning?
How often are online, Google calendars utilized in your class?
Not at all
All of the time
Please rate how often that you are using school planners.
I dont see them use it on their own unless I prompt them
Students in my class use them consistently on a daily basis.
Any other comments
Your answer
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