Bear Creek High School Application for Section 1 of 6 School Parking Lot Access 2019 - 2020
By filling out this electronic form, I (student named below) agree to the terms and responsibilities stated below.

I understand that the parking lot is the property of Jefferson County Public Schools R-1. I agree that the vehicles listed on this form, primarily driven by the student whose name is listed below, will not be used to transport or store illegal items on school property. In addition, I agree that the vehicles listed, or any vehicle registered to this household, will not use the school parking lot to violate a criminal code or school rules.

--In exchange for the privilege of parking on school property, I give school officials and/or school security personnel consent to search the vehicles listed below, or any vehicle registered to this household, as well as the vehicle’s contents when it is parked on school property.

--I authorize school officials and/or school security personnel to seize any item that violates a criminal law or school rules or provides evidence of a criminal law or school rule violation.

--I understand that my hang tag may be confiscated in the event of an actual or suspected violation of school rules, or for false /lapsed information provided on this form, and that I must willingly surrender it and meet with an administrator to discuss the violation.

--I understand that violations of these rules and/or the site-based rules at the end of this form can lead to suspension and/or revocation of my parking privileges, fines, referral to law enforcement authorities and/or school disciplinary actions.
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